Terrence Rigby Transfers

Terrence Rigby Transfers
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  1. Airport Transfers
  2. Dinner. 
  3. Sports. 
  4. luggage transfers. 
  5. late night,early morning.
  6. Half and full day disposal,
  7. Cheffeaur drives. 
  8. Sightse…

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Payment options Cash/Card/Eft

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About us

Been is this business since 2013 working for different companies,then went on my own 1 Jan 2019,enjoy the business but can make us crazy at times.Been a bit of a rough time with the pandemic,enjoy meeting different from around the world people,and showing them different parts of Johannesburg or whe…

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South Africa

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My wife Heila and two awesome girls

Terrence Rigby


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